Molli differentiates itself from other recreational bags through superior craftsmanship and presentation. The leather stamp inspired compass hangs from each bag to display the contrasting colour way; a contemporary nod to vintage luggage.

Tailor made in six designer colours, each Molli piece is perfectly colour matched and fabric bound. Handled with an embossed modern side strap, interior essentials are safely enclosed with high-grade YKK zippers to ensure further protection.

Further Instructions

Molli is 100% white neoprene. The delicacy of fabric requires some care when in use and storage. Its soft nature means it is easily imprinted by heavy objects or sharp surfaces. Please do not store your Molli under heavy compression.

To maintain highest vibrancy, each Molli is dyed in designer colours that have been laid upon white neoprene. This means with wear bags can be subject to change when used in various conditions. We recommend rinsing in fresh clean water after each use where required. If the product becomes marked or stained, firmly spot clean the fabric immediately; a gentle non-chlorine detergent may be used.

  • Cold water hand wash – a small amount of mild non-chlorine based detergent may be applied.
  • To prevent colour transfer close zips when rinsing exterior. To wash interior, turn inside out and rinse in clean water with zips closed.
  • Drip dry in shade. Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store with light coloured fabrics, or damp fabrics such as bathers as colour transfer.
  • Do not store in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.